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With Father’s Day fast approaching, socks, mugs & quirky t-shirts, are filling everyone’s online shopping baskets…but what about chiropractic for Dad? That would be a gift 1) he wouldn’t expect and 2) would save him from pretending that he actually likes the gift. So this is a day to celebrate dads & the father figures in our lives, so what better than the gift of health. Chiropractic, especially at the Bedford Chiropractic Clinic, aims to provide an effective, non-invasive & drug-free method to treat joint, neck & back pain.

1. Fatherhood as led to some wear & tear

father struggling to play with children- treat dad to chiropractic

No matter what dad does – his lifestyle at some point is sure to have a big impact on his spine & body. All those years of giving rocking us to sleep, giving us piggybacks, ducking-and-diving on climbing frames with us, leaping off the sofa at some game on TV, fixing furniture we accidentally broke etc. the wear & tear of daily life, impacts the body. Chiropractic adjustments aren’t just preventative, but they’re also an important part of maintaining health & wellness. It is only natural for our body to succumb to wear & tear with age, but that wear & tear can be minimised & occur at a later age with the right care.

If you just tell your Father that its like getting an MOT for his body, he’ll understand.

2. He probably thinks that self-care isn’t very ‘macho’

father and child super hero

Is your dad one of those old-school guys who always pushes himself through the pain? Who thinks that once the pain is gone, then problem must be fixed? Expects you to believe him when he says ‘I’ll go next time’? Also, whenever he says that a beer will fix everything – He’s lying (partly). Chiropractic is one correct answer though. Our fathers often want to appear like an invincible superhero in our eyes, so it’s up to us to show them that self-care is what’s needed for them to keep their powers.

P.S: If he’s hesitant to go see a chiropractor, just say ‘Mum said you have to go’ – He’ll definitely go then!

3. Help them keep-up with their kids & grandchildren

grandad and child playing

Mr Nardi (a father) said ‘ [I love] getting out into the back yard with my boys. Throwing & kicking balls, heading to the playground, shooting hoops & wrestling on the floor…[These] are some of my favourite pastimes’. He also stated ‘They are also some of my favourite memories of my time as a child with my own father’. So from messing about in the garden, up to daddy/daughter dances at weddings, to babysitting the grandchildren, our fathers are always trying to keep up – So let’s help them! Trough generations, as much as Keeping up with Kardashians is the ‘in-thing’ now, fathers keeping up with their kids will ALWAYS be an ‘in-thing’.

4. Nothing is worth more than the gift of health & happiness

father receiving gift for father's day

It was once said that a healthy body body, a calm mind & a house full of love, are things that can’t be bought, but must be earned. Is there a Father or father figure in your life who has earnt this gift this Father’s Day? Just pause & think for a moment.

Psst…Did you know?

The Bedford Chiropractic Clinic can offer your father or a father-figure a consultation & a body examination ALL for ONLY £40! AND will also include 1 FREE treatment. Feel free to find how we can treat your dad with chiropractic here.

5. Because he deserves it

surinder sandhu treating elderly patient at the bedford chiropractic clinic - treat dad to chiropractic

So is your dad, the father of your child, your grandfather etc. like so many other dads out there, who have worked hard to support the family, provide as much love & care as they can & be the best role model possible, in the millions of ways that they can do that? Yes? Then I’m sure he deserves more than a pair of socks, right? (He’s probably put holes in his other ones so can still go ahead & get him some). Or better still buy a pair of supportive insoles from the Bedford Chiropractic Clinic.

But anyway, chiropractic is the perfect way to show you care this Father’s Day. So treat your dad to chiropractic. Afterall, your Dad has your back, so make sure you have his!

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Surinder Sandhu, Chiropractor, Bedford Chiropractic Clinic