patient using the My Arthritis app
My Arthritis app

10 million+ Arthritis sufferers in the UK

In the UK more than 10 million people have arthritis or other, similar joint conditions, affecting people of all ages. The most common arthritic conditions include rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, all with a range of symptoms. These may include joint pain/tenderness/stiffness, inflammation, restricted movement, weakness and muscle wasting. However, there is currently no cure for this – But there are ways to manage, improve & optimise the function of the arthritic joint and quality of life, whilst relieving pain…Especially whilst on lock-down!

One way is via the My Arthritis App

My Arthritis App
My Arthritis app

So you have arthritis, you’re on lock-down, and you’re needing help?Ampersand Health have developed the My Arthritis app, alongside the expertise of patients and clinicians from King’s College Hospital. The app is designed to help people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) to take an active role in managing their health daily. This app brings together a personal health record, daily tracking and easy-to-access help and support from the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS). Furthermore, hospitals that sign up can us the app to manage their patients remotely, improving care quality and reducing unnecessary visits.

Clare Jacklin, CEO of NRAS stated:

“RA can impact on every aspect of an individual’s life so being more engaged in one’s own care and treatment and learning good self- management techniques is essential for improving quality of life. We believe that apps such as ‘My Arthritis’ will provide timely access to quality information on managing flares, thus improving adherence to treatment. Improving the health of the RA population in this way will also result in more efficient use of stretched NHS services. NRAS is pleased to be working with Ampersand on the development of such an innovation for today’s contemporary RA patients”

Increasing evidence that self-management works

woman with rheumatoid arthritis using app

“There is a growing body of evidence that self-management works for patients with RA”, said James Galloway, consultant rheumatologist at King’s College Hospital. “Equally, the burden that long-term conditions such as RA place on the NHS is unsustainable and the time is right to develop and advocate for new, digitally enabled models of care that could drive savings and quality improvement.”

The app – which is free – is currently being used by many people living with RA and hospitals during the Covid-19 lock-down. But what if self-management is not enough?

Rheumatoid arthritis support

rheumatoid arthritis support app
Rheumatoid Arthritis Support App

With 10+ million people living with arthritis in the UK, you’re not alone. There is an app called Rheumatoid Arthritis Support, which is a social network for those living with arthritis. This app enables you to:

  • Add photos and updates about your daily ups and down
  • Keep updated on others posts
  • Get/give hugs, likes and comments of support
  • Search the Q&A section and ask/answer questions
  • Find others near you and like you
  • Add your diagnosis and view others

Check out apps that may be better suited to you here.

Virtual chiropractic consultations – 50% OFF FOR KEY-WORKERS

Our role as chiropractors is to offer a drug-free and non-invasive method to ease pain and optimise the function of your arthritic joints. This is through specialised treatment tailored to you and your needs. We treat people of all ages and conditions.

Just because we may be on lock-down, it doesn’t mean that your arthritis has gone on lock-down too unfortunately. You may be experiencing symptoms that are proving painful, uncomfortable and impacting your quality of life. BUT WE’RE STILL HERE TO HELP!

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