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Back Pain

Chiropractic services for back pain
Bedford Chiropractic Clinic offers non-invasive manipulations and treatments to ensure the proper alignment of your spinal cord. Our chiropractic services help to heal back pain and restore mobility of the back muscles. We also treat foot, ankle, knee, hip, head, shoulder, wrist and elbow injuries. We are conveniently located for those who live in Bedfordshire.

A few of the conditions we treat:

Radiculopathy is a condition where the nerves of the cervical radiculopathy, or upper neck, are compressed. Reduced strength in hand grip, aches or reduced sensation of the lower arms, slow upper arm reaction, headache, muscle spasm and neck pain are a few of the common symptoms.

Back sprain/strain
Back sprain or strain is usually muscle and ligament damage caused during heavy lifting, accidents and falls. In extreme cases, the intervertebral disc may be torn or sprained.

Sciatica is the pain experienced along the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and runs from pelvis, through the hip area and buttocks and down to each leg.

Disc bulge/herniation
Disc bulge, slip disc or herniation is a lower back injury that involves a bulged or herniated disc. The bulged or displaced part is usually pushed through a tear of the disc and the patient experiences pain when irritants are released from this tear, or if the fragment touches a nearby nerve.


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