Your consultation is an opportunity for us to diagnose the root of the pain, in order to offer an effective and efficient treatment plan.

You’ll be greeted by our friendly team and treated to cake & a hot drink, whilst you fill out a short medical history form. We will then carry out:

  • quick & non-invasive posture scans/sEMGs, highlighting any misalignments & areas of high muscle tension
  • a detailed discussion of your medical history, where we listen closely to any injuries/conditions you may have, alongside any lifestyle choices that may be affecting your health
  • a thorough body examination to find the cause of your pain
  • a discussion & report of your findings & a proposal of a treatment plan tailored to you, where we’ll provide a plan on how we plan to treat you, how many sessions we recommend & the price/payment schemes available to you
Diagram showing what a chiropractic consultation involves

If we feel that another treatment method is better suited, then we can refer you to the appropriate specialist. Typically your consultation will be around an hour long, and we recommend that you wear something loose & comfortable. So book in for a consultation for ONLY £67 and if you call today, you’ll also receive 1 FREE treatment! Simply click here give us a call at 01234 353937 to book & we guarantee to see you within 48 hours!