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Coronaviruses, in particular, Covid-19 has caused global mayhem. Basic necessities are leaving shop shelves quicker than they have been on them. Hospitals have even reported cases of stolen anti-bacterial gel! This is due to how easy the virus is to contract & how rapidly it can be transmitted via cough/sneeze droplets containing the virus. Typically, the coronavirus affects the lungs/airways, causing symptoms similar to that of the common cold, including fever & shortness of breath.

man sneezing into a tissue to not spread coronavirus

However, the elderly & those with existing medical & respiratory conditions are at higher risk of experiencing the more damaging symptoms of Covid-19. This is because of their weakened immune systems. This gives way to the notion that the only way to catch anything or struggle to fight Covid-19, is to become a hospitable host. Without the right environment, germs can do little harm, hence the term ‘it’s the soil, not the seed’.

Here’s something you may not have heard…

Now you may have been told many times to take precautions such as:

  • Regularly washing hands/sanitizing
  • Catching coughs & sneezes in a tissue
  • Avoiding large social gatherings/maintaining a 3 foot distance

But, how often have you been told: ‘book in for a chiropractic consultation, it can help boost your immune system’? The thought may have never even crossed your mind…but it’s true!

Chiropractic can boost your immune system…

body fighting against diseases, immunity against coronavirus

Dr. Pero, a professor or medicine at New York University, compared the immune systems of those under chiropractic care & those who don’t receive chiropractic care. He found those receiving care for over 5 years, had a 200% greater immune competence than those who received no care. Interestingly, it was also noted that the greater immune system response of those under chiropractic care did not diminish with age. Click here for more studies.

So how can chiropractic help you fight the Coronavirus?

Subluxations (Click here to find out what a subluxation is) can interfere with the Central Nervous System’s (CNS) ability to communicate with the brain & the rest of the body, causing nerves to misfire. When the nerves are affected, the messages they send to & from the body & brain, become altered.

These nerves help coordinate the body’s response to viruses & diseases. So if they are sending the wrong messages, the body will become less effective at combating the harmful invaders. So a dysfunctional CNS leads to a less responsive immune system.

a subluxation in the spine

Chiropractic care has a strong emphasis on the manipulation & removal of subluxations from the spinal cord. Chiropractors aim to remove anything that may hinder the function of the CNS, to enhance your immune system. By realigning the spine via a chiropractic adjustment, realigns the CNS too. Nerve signals can now travel freely throughout the CNS, informing the brain that it’s body is under attack. This enables the brain to efficiently & effectively send signals, via nerves, to other parts of the body, to coordinate a response. Your immune responses has now been boosted, naturally.

surinder sandhu at the bedford chiropractic clinic adjusting a patient's spine

So get supporting your immune system by booking a chiropractic consultation with us TODAY! We can treat the whole family, from new-born to the elderly. Don’t let you or your family become a hospitable host to Covid-19 – we ALL have an immune system, so let’s let it do it’s job right!

Surinder Sandhu, a headshot of the owner of the bedford chiropractic clinic & a chiropractor,
Surinder Sandhu

For more info & advice on the Coronavirus – Click Here

Use the NHS 111 Online Coronavirus Service Below if:

  • you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home
  • your condition is getting worse
  • your symptoms have not got better after 7 days