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Elbow Injuries

Treatment for Elbow Pain in Bedford

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Chiropractic Therapy For Elbow Injury

Bedford Chiropractic Clinic offers tailored chiropractic care to reduce elbow pain and restore the full range of joint movement. We also offer chiropractic therapy for wrist, head, shoulder, back, hip, knee and ankle injuries.
Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow, or pain on the outside of elbow, is injury caused due to repeated use and exertion.
Golfer’s elbow

Golfer’s elbow

Golfer’s elbow, or pain on the inside of elbow, is injury caused due to repeated use and clenching of wrist.
Elbow sprain

Elbow sprain/strain

Overuse or overexertion of the elbow joint may lead to inflammation, irritation or pain. The problem is most commonly experienced in a person's dominant arm. 
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“Fantastic treatment to get us moving again. Can't wait to start skipping like my granddaughter!” - Sue Atkins
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