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Here at the Bedford Chiropractic Clinic offers tailored chiropractic care to help with elbow injuries & pain and restore the full range of joint motion. There are multiple causes of elbow pain with varying symptoms that we have 20+ years experience treating.

Types of elbow injuries & pain

Tennis elbow
Tennis elbow, or pain on the outside of elbow, is injury caused due to repeated use and exertion.

Golfer’s elbow
Golfer’s elbow, or pain on the inside of elbow, is injury caused due to repeated use and clenching of wrist.

Elbow sprain/strain
Overuse or overexertion of the elbow joint may lead to inflammation, irritation or pain. The problem is most commonly experienced in a person’s dominant arm.


During your consultation, we’ll carry out a thorough body examination and a discussion of your medical history. We carry out simple and gentle physical manipulations to realign joints and relieve pain. Our techniques are non-invasive, drug-free and are tailored to your needs.

We apply cold compresses after your treatment, also offering exercises and stretches that may help maintain mobility without further damage. By realigning your elbow, we can relieve pressure which may be causing you pain.

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