woman exposed to Electromagnetic Radiation from a mobile phone

With electromagnetic radiation levels 100 million times higher than 50 years ago, it is important to recognise how exposure to EMFs can be harmful to the body overtime. Some common daily sources of EMFs are:

  • Wireless Internet
  • Mobile Phones
  • Computers/laptops & tablets
  • Wireless devices: baby monitors, smart meters etc.
  • Electricity systems

Whilst we’re still in a period of hibernation, which appears to be increasingly difficult with the good weather making an appearance – we need to be mindful of our health. Alongside chiropractic, we want to look at additional ways to support your immune system in these challenging times. We have taken a higher dependence on technology to communicate, work from home, shop, watch movies, play games & relax…however we need to use it wisely.

EMFs are outside invaders…

Electromagnetic Radiation before and after cell phone use

All our devices emit low level electromagnetic fields & these fields cause stress to the body & even tech neck. Our bodies perceive EMFs as outside invaders, causing stress hormones to flood ours bodies & nervous system. This may lead to sleep disorders, depressed immunity, migraines, autoimmune disorders, premature ageing & neurological problems. Equally, research has highlights that EMFs can over stimulate the immune system, then suppress it. This suppression decreases T-lymphocyte production, which are vital in orchestrating the immune system’s response to infected or malignant cells.

…But EMFs are not winners!

So you’re probably thinking ‘Is there even anything I can do? I need my tech’. And the answer is: Yes! And no you don’t have to get rid of your tech. Whatever device you’re using on a daily basis will be emitting EMFs, giving your body & mind a challenge. But a simple yet powerful solution are Energydots™!

energyDOTs to protect from electromagnetic Radiation

Energydots™ offer a simple yet effective solution in reducing your EMF exposure, supporting better sleep, a clearer mind, improved focus, fewer headaches & a more positive energy. These are perfect to protect YOU, your FAMILY & PETS!

How Energydots™ work?

Energydots™ are lower power magnets that are activated by Programmed Harmonic Interface Technology. These DOTs are harmonisers that help re-tune the radiation emitted by our devices, from a process called principle of entrainment. Since the emissions are harmonised & balanced, you no longer have to live in fear of EMFs. They come in a range of colours with a easy peel-and-stick feature.

What Energydots™ do we recommend?


The SmartDOT has been programmed with a mix of frequencies & is designed to be used on all your electronic devices & equipment. You can stick a smartDOT to any device including a mobile, cordless landline, computer, Wi-Fi router, TV etc. The frequencies that the smartDOT radiates, retune the EMFs from your device. These smartDOTs look & sounds like extraordinary tech, but it’s actually OLD! Do you remember the brown tape in a video cassette? But this brown ribbon is a form of magnetic storage, just like a smartDOT. For those who don’t remember video cassettes, the black strip on the back of your bank card is another example.

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woman doing yoga wearing energyDOT to protect from electromagnetic Radiation

This is a personal dot for you to wear 24/7. You simply stick this to a clean, dry surface such as the back of a necklace or watch. These can be worn by everyone & anywhere, including pools, baths/showers. Even whilst you’re out & about, you are minimising electromagnetic radiation that your involuntarily exposed to.

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sleepDOT to help sleeping better in a better EMF environment

sleepDOt is a natural sleep aid! It has been programmed with a specific mix of soothing vibrations to help you get some well earned ZZZs. This DOT emits natural frequencies that encourage the brain to slow to the theta & delta frequencies. These frequencies are associated with relaxation, daydreaming, meditation & deep, dreamless sleep. You should attach this to an object near you & should be as close as possible to your head e.g. headboard or wall behind your bed. Unfortunately, not everyone is guaranteed a good night’s sleep. So Energydots™ are donating 10% of sleepDOT proceeds to leading youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint.

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man drinking from water bottle with a energyDOT

This device is useful in restoring the natural vitality of not just water, but also other liquids. Your body is made up of 80% of water, so you should be mindful of the quality of water you’re drinking. These dots help you keep your water free from electromagnetic radiation. You can place an aquaDT on any drinking source. And don’t forget the fish in your tanks (if you have one).

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dog with collar containing energyDOT

If you have pets, it’s vital to get this. Our pets can’t talk to us & explain the effect electromagnetic radiation has on them, however, studies have shown that animals are a lot more sensitive to EMF radiation.

Ready to minimise your EMF exposure?

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kids on devices minimising electromagnetic Radiation

Click here to access the Energydots™ website & check out their incredible range of Energydots™. No matter which product or DOT you opt to purchase, use the coupon code ‘BEDFORD’ at checkout for an amazing 20% OFF! If you have an questions or require more info, feel free to contact us here. We’re here to help you, your health, your family & your pets.