A chiropractic adjustment at the Bedford Chiropractic Clinic, involves the use of hands or a small tool, called an activator. By this, we are reducing subluxations, improving the body’s function, restoring mobility & relieving pain. Also, this may be where you hear the harmless ‘popping & cracking’ sound.

Not only does an adjustment provide corrective changes for where it is directly applied, but also benefits the surrounding nervous system (CNS). By keeping it aligned, it enables the CNS to communicate more effectively to optimise the body’s function. E.g. Imagine a safety pin. When open, the pin is not fully connected/aligned, therefore not performing it’s function. However, when the safety pin is closed, it is all connected/aligned & can effectively function. So do you need an adjustment? Book a consultation here

safety pin analogy showing how chiropractic works

To determine whether chiropractic is right for you & how we’d go about treating you, you’ll need to book in for a consultation. This includes a body examination + 1 FREE treatment. If we feel from your findings, that another specialist will treat you more effectively, we’d be more than happy to refer you.

Here’s an example of a chiropractic adjustment, however, treatments are always tailored to the individual & their needs.