“STAND UP STRAIGHT!” – That’s timeless advice we’ve probably all heard before. But it’s not a nagging command from etiquette tyrants, it’s actually advice worth listening to. Practicing good standing, sitting & sleeping posture, hosts a broad range of health benefits, alongside enhancing your physical appearance, reducing the risk of injury & improving your performance of day-to-day activities. So read on to learn 6 ways to improve your posture & reap the health benefits!

Why should I practice good posture?

  • Reduces back, neck & shoulder pain
  • Decreases the chance of misalignments
  • Less tension in surrounding joints, decreasing the chance of wear/tear of ligaments & cartilages
  • Increased lung capacity leads to improve your breathing
  • Appear more confident & positive – slouching can give the appearance of disinterest, laziness & poor mood
  • Optimal digestion
  • Better range of motion

6 ways to improve your posture

Posture when standing

good and bad standing posture bedford chiropractic clinic

Okay, we’re not saying you have to walk around like the Tinman from Wizard of Oz or stand as if you’re guarding Buckingham Palace. But it is advised you hold a neutral pelvic position & stand straight, with your head facing forward, not tilted. Your shoulders shouldn’t be arched over & weight should be balanced evenly on both feet. Additionally, when standing, your feet should be shoulder-width apart & facing forwards, rather than leaning on one leg.

Posture when sitting & investing in back supports

good and bad sitting posture at your desk bedford chiropractic clinic to improve your posture

If you haven’t done so already, it’s about time you invest in a chair with a good head-rest, back support, arm rest & a swivel base (if you’re at your desk). You should try to keep your knees & hips level, with your feet flat on the floor, facing forward. Ensure you sit straight, with a cushion/pillow or some form of back support in the small of your back. Make sure your elbows are at right angles & your forearms are horizontal (if typing on a keyboard), keeping your devices at eye level. Learn more about the effects of ‘tech-neck’ here. Back supports & cushions for your desk chair, dining chairs & cars, can be purchased from our clinic.

Posture when lifiting

Diagram of poor and good lifting bedford chiropractic clinic

It is never the best look jutting your butt out whilst trying to lift something. When lifting, bend your knees & drop down, keeping your back straight, rather than arching your back forwards/hunching over. The better alternative is to ask for assistance & to not attempt to carry heavy loads. We’ve all been there where we’ve tried to see how many bags of shopping we can get on our arms, just to save multiple trips to & from the car right? Not only is it a funny sight for your neighbours, but its more beneficial to do multiple trips.

Choose the right footwear & check out useful orthotics

difference between heels & flat shoes and the effects on your posture at bedford chiropractic clinic diagram

Wearing high heels often can negatively affect your balance, posture, body alignment & muscle tension. It has often been linked with spondylolisthesis. It is best you avoid wearing heals for long periods of time, opting for flat shoes where possible, buying shoes in the afternoon, where feet are at their largest, and avoiding pointed toe heels. Click here to learn more here. Heavy footwear, not tying your laces securely or wearing shoes that are too big can impact your posture too.

Here at the Bedford Chiropractic Clinic, we offer a range of insoles to improve your balance, muscle tension & pressure in the feet. We can let you trial them for 30 days before deciding whether or not you want to purchase them. Book a consultation with us today for only £45 & get 1 FREE treatment.

Be mindful of your posture & exercise

pilates bedford chiropractic clinic

Building strength & controlling your body weight can help practice good posture. Low-impact aerobic activities can help keep you active, without straining/jerking your back. Core-strengthening exercises can help strengthen abdominal & back muscles. Pilates is especially useful for posture as it focuses on muscle control & movement patterns. We now live in a tech-dominated world, so take advantage of the various posture apps available. They remind you to check your posture, suggest stretches & ways to improve your posture & so on.

Book a chiropractic consultation

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Chiropractic care not only identifies, treats, eliminates & prevents back, neck & joint pains & injuries, but can also help fix misalignments & poor posture. Get a FREE treatment when you book a consultation with us & a full-body examination for only £45! Bring kids (under 12 years old) for FREE too!