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“You can’t enjoy wealth if you’re not in good health” – Dalai Lama

Surinder Sandhu
CEO, Clinic Owner, Chiropractor

Surinder is a great Holistic, Educational, Life-changing Practitioner who, with his 25 years of experience in the profession, would love to HELP you on your road to recovery and a new life of comfort and wellbeing.

Surinder is passionate about chiropractic and natural methods for treating the human body “After 25 years of treating thousands of patients, I have realised that the body has an incredible capacity and ability to heal from pretty much anything. It just needs firstly to find the source of the stress on it, and then the right input. Which is for me, the right chiropractic adjustments in conjunction with the right nutrition, exercise and mindset. This is what we strive to provide here at Bedford Chiropractic Clinic. Our mission is to empower all our patients with the right chiropractic treatment and education to reach their health goals in the most efficient way possible”

Surinder was a keen runner and ran the London Marathon 5 times, the Paris marathon and the Stockholm marathon. His best time was 2 hours 48 minutes. He doesn’t run anymore, he choses to focus on Kettle Bells, Yoga routines and walking in nature, in particular, the lake district. His other interests, aside learning about how to improve his, his family and his patient’s health, include going to the theatre, Musicals, Ballet and live concerts.

Master of Science in Chiropractic, Registered with the general; chiropractic council He’s also been studying nutrition for the last 20 years and considers it as an ongoing, lifelong education

If it ain’t broke, make it better

Ashley Prater
IT Manager, spare Receptionist

With nearly as much experience in IT as Surinder has in back cracking, Ashley is the in-house technician who is more than capable of keeping the tech running. Often found bumbling around the clinic doing general maintenance on everything,