You incredible, self-sacrificing mothers & grandmothers, put the needs of your families ahead of your own 24/7. You’ve put your physical & mental health through so much to do this. But with chiropractic, its YOUR turn to have your needs put first. Here are 7 reasons why every mother needs to see a chiropractor.

1. First & foremost, it’s because you deserve it!

You’ve been through the pain, agony & stress of pregnancy & childbirth. You’ve lost countless hours of sleep…And I’m not even going to go there with the physical & mental strains motherhood poses! You’ve done so much for your family, so who else deserves chiropractic care more than you?!

2. Your back, neck & joints may be misaligned


Pregnancy, childbirth, lifting & holding your child, breastfeeding, playing with your child etc. can all affect your posture & cause misalignments in all kinds of joints. However, chiropractic can help improve your body’s mobility, function & alignment…or even help to better enjoy the perks of good health with your child(ren)/grandchild(ren)!

3. Chiropractic is non-invasive & drug-free

We get it! Being a mother, your body has been invaded enough! So you’ll be please to hear that chiropractic care is completely holistic & 100% drug-free. Chiropractors works with your body to realign misalignments & relieve pain/tension naturally, without any surgery or meds. Find out more here.

4. Excellent natural pain relief


Back pain, joint pain, swollen ankles, strain on your knees, headaches (the list is endless!), can all be relieved naturally by chiropractic. Chiropractors will carry out a body examination to look for what is causing your pain, so they can treat, minimise, eliminate & prevent the root cause. It’s a much better alternative than masking the pain with meds or letting it worsen isn’t it?

5. May enhance your mood & mental health

Chiropractic adjustments can provide relief from common mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression. Pain, discomfort & an unhealthy body can have a huge affect on your mood. When you’re run-down, in pain & tired, your mood may be poor. But when your body is healthy & functioning well, then your mood will be better.

In a study of 2818 patients who received chiropractic care, 76 percent reported an improvement in their mental and emotional states. Overall, chiropractic has a strong focus on optimising your health & wellness, keeping your nervous system/body well-aligned & ensuring you’re pain-free. Therefore, it is a great natural mood booster!

6. Can help you get a better night’s sleep


Imagine you’ve had your third chiropractic treatment. For the first time in ages, you felt comfortable & relaxed in bed that night. No aches or pains disturbed your sleep. You’ve woken up the next day well-rested & so refreshed, ready for an amazing day ahead – This can be you!

7. Lead to a better quality of life


Chronic pain be a detraction from a feeling of happiness and freedom in life, especially when you can’t even get on with daily activities due to aches & pains. Studies on the 2818 patients receiving chiropractic care, also reported a decrease in stress and an increase in general life enjoyment in the months following their chiropractic sessions. Find out more about the benefits of chiropractic here.

So do you agree that you deserve to live a pain-free & healthy life? Deserve a good night’s sleep & to be in a good mood? Deserve to have your body aligned & taken care of without any drugs or surgery? Then to all you amazing mothers out there…CHIROPRACTIC IS FOR YOU!

My team & myself are here to lend a hand…


Surinder Sandhu – Chiropractor, Bedford Chiropractic Clinic

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(Some of the responses are based on 20 years of anecdotal experience & are not all backed by scientific evidence).