My Mother Inspired Me to Become a Chiropractor…

Here’s my story on how losing my mother to Type 1 diabetes was my chiropractic inspiration…

Surinder sandhu with his mother at his graduation in 1998

When it came to music, movies, yoga and so forth, my mother was a HUGE inspiration. She was an even bigger influence in my decision to become a chiropractor – my chiropractic inspiration. I saw such a beautiful, loving & joyful woman deteriorate from Type 1 diabetes. Over-time, I was witnessing her becoming dependent on pills. Many of these pills just masked the issue rather than help the cause. She also became less-active & more accepting of her condition. However, I was keen on learning the natural preventative measures she could use to help enhance her bodily function, mobility & immune system. My mother then became my chiropractic inspiration.

Human Sciences opened my eyes…

In 1998, I graduated at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic with a BSc Human Sciences. With great sadness, she passed away the year I graduated. I can remember feeling completely frustrated that it was too late to help my mother. With there being around 4 million Brits dealing with diabetes, this just drove me to want to help others even more!

person with diabetes doing a blood sugar test

Whilst studying Human Sciences, I became particularly interested in the affect nerves in the upper neck/middle back had on the pancreatic function, digestion, enzymes etc. I gained an understanding that the upper neck/middle back are responsible for supplying nerve signals to the brain/vital organs. However, when there is not a sufficient amount of responses happening, the pancreas, blood sugar & digestion are all effected. In turn, when the pancreas is functioning incorrectly, this may lead to a lack of enzymes being produces to help with digestion & the production of insulin.

quote saying the importance of nerves signally properly

Across the years, I realised that chiropractic adjustments can improve the relationship between the nervous system & organs. This is done by realigning anything hindering the nervous system. Therefore, chiropractic care can enable the body, spine, hormones & organs to all function to their best ability. My studies opened my eyes to the potential chiropractic has to help those with diabetes. Find out more here. My mother & this knowledge, inspired me to become a chiropractor. So in 1999, I graduated with a MSc in Chiropractic.

I wish my mother had of been provided with chiropractic care…

Unfortunately, my mother was never one for taking preventative measures or looking after her health- but I wish she had of been. If she had of  took advantage of the services & advice available to her, then I could of had more time to have made more amazing memories with her. I wish she had of been provided with chiropractic care. Having seen the positive impact it has on patients I have treated who have diabetes. I am not saying to ditch the pills & the GP, but chiropractic would have been a useful alongside it all. Even-though there is a no cure for diseases such as arthritis, diabetes etc. there are services available to slow down the progression of diseases, improve your immune system & optimise the function & mobility of the body. Chiropractic is one of them!

women receiving a chiropractic adjustment at the bedford chiropractic clinic

It may have been too late for my mother but it’s not too late for you…

You’re health is the most valuable asset you have! You’re also one of the most valued people in someone’s life, so take this opportunity to put yourself first. I have 20+ years experience of successfully treating thousands of people with an array of conditions & now we’re here for you.

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