Here at the Bedford Chiropractic Clinic, we specialise in identifying and treating back, neck and joint pain, including shoulder injuries. We pride ourselves on providing drug-free and non-invasive treatments. Rather than masking the pain with medication, we treat the cause of your pain. There are an array of symptoms and causes surrounding shoulder pains and injuries that we can minimise and prevent. So if shoulder pains are causing you to lose mobility, please call us at 01234 353937, to book consultation with us. We’ll even offer you a FREE treatment!

Symptoms and causes

Rotator cuff/frozen shoulder symptom/arthritis

The rotator cuff is a muscle group that runs around the front, side and top of the shoulder blade, attaching to the top of the arm. Therefore, if your rotator cuff is injured, you may experience difficulty in lifting your arm and chronic pain.

Tendonitis and bursitis

Pain often worsens in the arm or shoulder when you try using your arm.

Shoulder impingement

Sometimes, your rotator cuff tendons can get trapped and compressed during shoulder movements leading to injured tendons and bursa. This condition is known as shoulder impingement syndrome.

Shoulder sprain/strain

A tear in the shoulder ligaments caused by excessive physical work, a sudden movement or impact, is called a shoulder sprain. This can often often during high-impact sports or a fall.

Dislocated and broken shoulder

A sudden or extreme pain in the shoulder may be due to a shoulder dislocation or a broken shoulder. Additionally, you will be unable to move your arm and your joint may look out of place. Please seek medical attention instantly.

woman with shoulder pain

How chiropractic can help you

The Bedford Chiropractic Clinic can help you and your shoulder pain and injuries. We’ll carry out a thorough body examination & based upon what we find, we’ll use physical manipulations to realign the joint and ease pain. We tailor the treatment to your needs, whilst providing simple stretches and exercises that we recommend. If you feel that chiropractic care can help you, please give us a call at 01234 353937. Book a consultation with us today and we’ll give you 1 FREE treatment!

Young female receiving chiropractic treatment from surinder sandhu at the bedford chiropractic clinic

Managing symptoms of shoulder injuries

  • An ice pack may help a minor injury by reducing the swelling. However, a hot compress can help, particularly if the muscles feel sore and tense.
  • Poor posture such as slouching or hunching your shoulders forward can worsen shoulder pain. So you should try to relax, do not rest on your arms too much and make use of headrests and back/arm supports.
diagram about the correct and incorrect way to carry a back pack to help maintain good posture
  • Use back-packs with straps that go over both shoulders, spreading the weight of the load evenly in your bag.
man shoulder stretching
  • Lightly stretch but avoid weight lifting